What Is The Best Means Of Contacting Fiveways Express?

Our central call number is 020 7394 2660 will be answered politely and within 3 rings by a member of our team who will be able to assist you.

What Happens If My Delivery Arrives Late?

It is rare that any Fiveways delivery arrives late, but should we be advised that we have failed the requested delivery deadline (within 7 days of despatch) then a refund will be authorised according to the following criteria.

  • Timed delivery failure - Reduce charge to the service obtained
  • One day late - 25% reduction
  • Two days late - 50% reduction
  • More than two days late - Full Credit

To claim a late delivery refund please contact Bill Langley either by fax on 08708 912778 or by email at bill.langley@5ways.com

You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

All domestic deliveries are dispatched via UK delivery Networks and routed by Postcode.

Should we fail to route a consignment to the requested destination we will ensure that, wherever possible, the goods are delivered within the original specification at no extra cost to you.

What happens if I wish to make a complaint to senior management?

Our staff are highly trained and are responsible for ensuring your total satisfaction.

If, however you do not feel that you have been dealt with fairly, senior management is always available for comment.

Please feel free to contact Bill Langley at bill.langley@5ways.com

How Will I Be Invoiced?

Our invoices are designed for ease of use and if you have any queries we pledge to resolve them within 24 hours of your written request.

What Insurance Cover Do You Provide?

We are confident that all consignments will be delivered on time and without damage or loss.

For your peace of mind we offer free goods in transit liability cover to the value of £13 per kilo with additional all risks cover available.

Should a claim be necessary we will confirm the details of the claim within 24 hours.

When Will Proof Of Delivery Appear Within My Online Customer Account?

Proof of delivery information will be available on our Website within 24hours of the delivery taking place.